As we are entering Twenty Twenty-One, it’s time for a pep talk about your Twenties, got it? Over the holidays period, whilst sitting on the sofa wearing my glamorous overpriced black cow neck satin dress, I recently bought on a whim, matched with my pink slippers and drying up the drinks cabinet, I noticed a…


I know every person out there is hoping 2021 brings new beginnings (quite literally) and it is only fair to have a faith in what’s coming next. People need a glimmer of hope to survive. But what if I tell you that 2020 has not been a disaster? This year has been about learning to…

INSTAGRAM REELS – What you need to know (For Entrepreneurs & Bloggers)

You must have heard a lot about Instagram Reels these past two weeks. It’s been all over your feed and all this big business instagram accounts and celebrities jumped on the bandwagon to showcase their dancing skills or favourite recent finds.
I did my research and I am all ready to spill some tips & tricks for you to make the best use of this new feature. Well, let’s dive into it and find what this whole buzz is about.