As we are entering Twenty Twenty-One, it’s time for a pep talk about your Twenties, got it?

Over the holidays period, whilst sitting on the sofa wearing my glamorous overpriced black cow neck satin dress, I recently bought on a whim, matched with my pink slippers and drying up the drinks cabinet, I noticed a recurring theme on social media. This year most of my high-school girlfriends posted photos of their husbands and their children. A lot of children’s first Christmas inauguration photos inundated my Facebook feed, and I couldn’t help but wonder – what am I missing out on? I’m only 24 years old, soon to change digits. I was always the older (and wiser?) one in any of my friendship circles, mainly because I was an independent kid from the beginning and I was not afraid to say what was on my mind at any time and confront people when they were wrong regardless of their station, as Lady Whistledown would gratefully say (and approve of) in Bridgerton. You can therefore understand my surprise when days passing by another childhood friend or neighbour made the big announcement whilst I still shed a tear when taking my cat to the vet for a routine check-up.

Naturally, I started to wonder if when I turned down a wedding proposal when I was way younger was when my life took a different turn. For the better, in my humble opinion. To give me some credit, I managed to build the foundation for a career, make my mum proud of every new milestone I hit, and meet a wonderful man who is patient, caring, and understanding of my little quirks. I have a cat with an attitude, and I am on the verge of buying my first house before 25. So, after cuddling my insecurities away, I decided that I am more than enough, and you are too.

Your twenties are all about celebrating the small wins and making the big leaps of faith. This is the time you are writing the stories you will be telling your grandkids (if you want any, of course). It is really an awesome period of your life where everything is possible. Plan that trip to the Maldives and work your sweat off to save money to enjoy a glass of champagne on the beach celebrating how awesome you are. Finally, start reading those books you’ve been buying for ages. Start a blog, run a marathon, or embark on a course to help you kickstart your side hustle.

You are not expected to know more than you do, and you certainly do not need to know the answers to all the questions. Not only would that be quite dull, but you would miss out on all the fun in making mistakes and having regrets which later lead to lessons learned. There is no pressure to settle for anything less than extraordinary if it does not feel right. I am a mess at times, but I know this is part of the process. I am cheerleading for myself whenever I feel overwhelmed (which is quite often, to be completely honest) but it is what is keeping me from throwing myself a pity party every day.

This post has been featured on the House21 blog as part of our collaboration.

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