In the past few years, I poured my energy in a fair number of blogs on areas ranging from lifestyle, fashion, mindset, home-buying, law student life, etc. You name it, I must have written an article on it.

You must have heard those people claiming that you need to niche down and find what you are really good at in order to have a successful blog.

Well, let’s say I beg to differ, but that’s for another blogpost.

If you are just starting out, creating a vision board for your blog will save you a lot of time in finding your passion.

What is a Vision Board?

It is what is says on the label – a visual representation of your goals and preferences which helps you put things into perspective.

Some people are visual workers and can only make up their mind on something once they write it down or create a Pinterest board for it.  It happens to me all the time. I have a vision board for my dream house and my dream career.

 Visualising your goals is powerful. It’s motivating when you’re feeling low and it helps you keep on track, stay on brand and prioritise what you want so that you don’t spend so much time on overthinking things, when you can invest your time and energy in creating, engaging and taking active steps towards your goals.

How to create a vision board from scratch?

 I love Pinterest. It’s an amazing search engine of aesthetic pleasing and educational graphics.

Start by searching for a general word which you believe describes the general idea behind your blog. For example: lifestyle, OOTD, history graphs, skincare, makeup, etc.

The key is to keep it as broad as possible. Don’t overthink it. Go wild.

Create a Pinterest Board and save all items that you believe are most suitable for your theme.

Aesthetic vision board

Look into colours. What fits your mood? Do you think lighter tones fit your message? Do you like it to be dark and elegant, light and breathable or a mixture of both, perhaps some bright rainbows are best!

Look into fonts. Search for combination of fonts, so that when you get to design your blog theme, you can be as specific as you want.

Get inspired. The best way to get into your creative state of mind is to read what others believe on the subject, research how the information you want to share with your audience is set out by other bloggers.

For example, let’s assume you want to write a cooking blog because you just realised what an amazing cooker you are whilst in lockdown. The amount of cooking blogs out there is impressive, so there is competition on the market.

Use the vision board to set out what makes you different.

There is no time limit on creating your vision board.

You are in no rush to start your blog, but you don’t want to procrastinate. Enjoy the process. I take special pleasure in visualising what I want my brand to express. It’s satisfying.

Once you are happy with your board, you can use Canva to create a collage of your pins, so that you can have them all together.

Practical vision board

Another way to create a vision board for your blog is to jot down a number of post titles which you want to discuss about in a sketchbook, a journal or a basic planner.

Try writing prompts for days when your motivation is low. Short paragraphs. Long paragraphs.

The difference here is that you must spend more time on it to make it right.

Tips to have a productive vision board

Update your board regularly.

I know that in the bloggers rulebook there is an unwritten rule to have consistent content so that your readers don’t get confused about your message. I believe everyone changes and it’s more important to find what makes you happy to write, rather than keep up with some sort of duty to write on a subject that you enjoyed years or even months ago!

Your vision is what makes you unique. You are allowed to change your goals and adapt your methods to achieve those goals.

Make use of it.

I know this is pretty obvious but if you don’t reflect on your vision, you are likely to experience more stress than necessary. Use this opportunity to feed into content planning, once you decide what your voice is.

I welcome every one of you to challenge yourself and give your thoughts a voice using this little fun tool.

Share your feedback below and let others learn from your experience.

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